Thank you for supporting the Youth-led Changemaking Agenda and helping us and our partners engage young people, so that they can discover themselves as changemakers.

It's my personal belief that investing in young people is investing in the future. And my friend and mentor and colleague Ali Raza Khan, the founder of YES Network Pakistan, has identified a way in which we can invest in young people and directly see the social and financial returns of that investment. And his model involves very, very little money to activate young people and gives tremendous results.

We actually reach out to young people and share with them about becoming a changemaker, the possibility of adding value in the society. And we encourage them to just test it out for themselves if they would be able to just launch a project that adds value in the society.

And how it works is that if they're interested, they can simply sign up for one of our changemaking intelligence tests and then we give them a small amount of money, for example. twenty five dollars per team and a team usually is comprised of three to five young people. And then they get a time period of, let's say, two weeks to come up with an idea to launch that idea into society, to make a profit and then to celebrate what they have learnt on the way.

And this is not per se about youth entrepreneurship, although enterprises might eventually result out of this. This is all about just activating young people and showing them that they have the changemaker gene inside of them, that it's part of their human nature, that they can add value in society, that they're not just passive consumers, that they can be the change and they can be creators and that they have opportunities.

Watch the video above to learn more about the process and why your donation and support might be the best and most effective investment in the future.

Kind regards,

Thomas Jakel

Co-founder YES Founders Foundation


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