72 Hour Changemaking Challenge Berlin

This changemaking challenge has been launched by YES Founders Foudation in Berlin with Mrs. Ansfati M'MADI as part of her trainee experience. Mrs. M'MADI has worked with YES Founders Foundation since mid June 2021.

YES Founders Foundation gave Mrs. M'MADI and her teammate Mouayadi MAHAMOUD, 30 € trust based investment (meaning that if the money would be lost she would not have to pay it back and if her team managed to make a profit, she would return the initial funds to YFF).

The Changemaking Challenge had a fixed time frame of 72 hours. The goal, to create social and economic impact within 3 days. It was up to Mrs. M'MADI and her team mate to come up with a changemaking idea and to implement it.

Here is her review of the experience...

Q: What is the nature of your changemaking project | youth-led enterprise? / What idea are you implementing?:

Selling photo shooting on the street, but after olso drawing, correction text and graphic design really cheap so that more people can have access to it.

Q: What was the Total Investment given to your team?

A: 30€.

Q: What impact were you able to create?

A: We were able to create impact as follows:

  • Economic Impact: Revenue generated in Reporting Period: 131€
  • Economic Impact: Profit Earned in Reporting Period: 127,30€
  • Social Impact:  Number of People Served in Reporting Period: 5

Q: Please share any Major Accomplishments

A: The major accomplishment was that we were able to find customers in a short period of time for photo shooting reservations, drawing, and text correction / graphic design revision.

Q: Please share any Major Challenges Faced

A: At first, the weather outside was not good for what we wanted to do. We therefore created tools to be more effective in the following two days of the changemaking challenge.

Q: Please share any Innovative Idea/Strategy that you applied:

A: We applied the following innovative ideas and strategies:

  • small image use authorization cards, to be able to use the photos of people in our portfolio as a photographer and for posts on ours professionals Instagram
  • walking the streets with signs to indicate what we offer, at what price, and our social networks to contact us
  • posters to put up, to promote our project in strategic places in the city
  • tables to follow in detail the management of orders and money

Q: What was your overall experience?

A: It was a very enriching experience. We have learned a lot about ourselves and about different ways to generate profit. Without even having opened the investment envelope, we gained a little more than 4x the trust based investment amount in two days. We managed to launch a small venture out of nowhere with just what we had and our skills.

Photo by Ansfati M'MADI
Photo by Mouayadi MAHAMOUD,
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