Kick-Off Changemaking Challenge for 5 Teams in Kenya

Below you find the ongoing report of the “Great Achievers” Changemaking Challenge that will be ongoing for 60 days, each team is receiving 6000 KES in two tranches of 3000 KES each, one at the beginning of the challenge and one half way through the challenge.

The updates will be published continuously.

The information is coming directly from the facilitator in Kenya, Mr. Samwel Ondiema and is only slightly edited.

Kick-Off Report

September Changemaking Launch report

Date: 4th/09/2021

Venue:Depouche Restaurant

The Changemaking challegenge was launched with 5 groups participating.

The groups are split into two different groups, Level 1 and Level 2 groups. Level 1 groups will go for three weeks ending on the 25th of September and Level 2 will go for 8 weeks ending on the 6th of November.

Level 2 groups will be receiving their next tranche of trust based investment on the 3rd of October 2021.

The launch was led by Mr. Kenedy Otieno (The Chairman of the CBO) who handed over the funds to the group leaders. Only group leaders were asked to come for the launch due to covid restrictions.

The focal person also took time to explain some important matters in the competition like reporting and doing non illegal businesses as well as understanding the purpose of the competition including its aim and objectives.

The business activities range from selling of cereals, chickens, fried groundnuts, selling mandazi, poridge, sokotas and black tea.

The participants were excited to receive the funds with most level two groups expressing relief as they thought that there was no more money coming due to a long break.


The participants recommended to start immediately and agreed to be very cooperative with the Facilitator and also promised to give reports on time.

Compiled by Samwel Ondiema

Focal person

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