Effective Method to Turn Youth into Changemakers and Young Entrepreneurs

In this video titled “Youth Entrepreneurship | Highly effective method to turn youth into changemakers” , Ali Raza Khan, founder of YES Network Pakistan gives an introduction into how he has turned thousands of young people into changemakers and youth entrepreneurs.

Method to Turn Youth Into Changemakers and Youth Entrepreneurs

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Video Transcript:

“This is Ali Raza Khan. I am the founder of Youth Engagement Services Network Pakistan. I am on a mission to change the landscape of the Youth Development field.

I believe it is ridicules to hold young people back from becoming changemakers due to our limiting beliefs about them. I have invented a very simple, effective and efficient, sustainable method to turn young people into changemakers.

I have busted this myth that changemaking is only possible by the educated, skilled and wealthy. I have shown through my work that all young people are capable of driving change in the society.

There is no age restriction, there is no education restriction, there is no gender restriction, there is no economic restriction. The only thing that young people require at the moment is trust. And I have developed a very simple method to restore trust with young people. You know, my method does not focus on building up huge infrastructure. It does not aim at throwing money at the problem.

It does not aim at big partnerships.

I do not set up incubation centers.

I do not look at special talent in young people.

I simply go out with the gift of four words to all young people, that “I BELIEVE IN YOU”. And this makes all the difference. You know I have tested this idea with more than sixteen thousand young people recently.

Ninety two percent were able to get serious social and economic impact. They carried out projects in a wide range of areas like education, health, women empowerment, agriculture, sports, fashion designing, IT … you name it.

So I think this is the time for all of us to think deeply, to see what has went wrong in working with the young people. I believe the time has come that we should reach out to young people. There are millions of young people waiting for us to believe in them. They are not disposable. They are not statistical cattle. They are waiting for someone to come and restore trust with them.

I think you could be the first person who can reach out to them and help them make them believe. Belief makes all the difference in Life. You know, I heard this throughout my life that ‘believe in yourself and you will be successful’. And now I’ve learned in my life, that it is more powerful to believe in others. Because when you believe in others they can make huge changes in the lives of others.

I believe everyone, everywhere needs someone to believe in them. Believing makes all the difference. So I hope that you will join us. Thank you so much.”