Effective Method to Turn Youth into Changemakers and Young Entrepreneurs
In this video titled “Youth Entrepreneurship | Highly effective method to turn youth into changemakers” , Ali Raza Khan, founder of YES Network Pakistan gives an introduction into how he has turned thousands of young people into changemakers and youth entrepreneurs. Below you can find a transcript of the video
20 Youth teams in Zimbabwe enter Youth-led Changemaking Activity. Here are the results.
At the end of March 2021 Mr. Pride Mhlanga, a professional counselor from Zimbabwe reached out to YES Founders Foundation in order to propose a joint youth-led changemaking activity together with the The Salvation Army Marikopo Corps. Below is the changemaking activity report from Mr. Pride Mhlanga who served as
Changemaking Challenge for 5 Teams in Kenya
Below you find the ongoing report of the “Great Achievers” Changemaking Challenge that will be ongoing for 60 days, each team is receiving 6000 KES in two tranches of 3000 KES each, one at the beginning of the challenge and one half way through the challenge. The updates will be
PART 2: 24 Youth Teams enter Youth-led Changemaking in Zimbabwe
This article is the continuation of THIS Article. Whereas the first article covered week 1 to week 3 of the changemaking challenge, this article covers week 4 to week 6 of the changemaking challenge and the results for the Level 2 participants. Use the links below to jump directly to
72 Hour Changemaking Challenge Berlin
This changemaking challenge has been launched by YES Founders Foudation in Berlin with Mrs. Ansfati M’MADI as part of her trainee experience. Mrs. M’MADI has worked with YES Founders Foundation since mid June 2021. YES Founders Foundation gave Mrs. M’MADI and her teammate Mouayadi MAHAMOUD, 30 € trust based investment